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xGalleryx is a MySQL-free PHP-based web image gallery, which let the users choose their graphical style and add comments for each picture in the gallery.

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- Last version : 0.4a (stable, working)
- Downloads : 300+

Visits : 2452

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           xGalleryx is a PHP script used to display pictures on the web. These pictures are sorted in galleries (arranged by the user), and it is, actually, the easiest, and simplest way to show up pictures on the net ! The basic setup process, unlike other PHP-based image galleries, is just 'upload and see', so the picture adding process is also very easy. And that is, probably, what makes xGalleryx so powerful, and so user-friendly.

           But xGalleryx also provides a certain kind of freedom for the users : thanks to the configuration files : the user can very easily change his gallery's colours and style.

           Another important function to point out, is the ability for the users to add comments for each pictures. Not only the gallery administrator will be able to add comments to the pictures, but also any visitor (if the gallery owner decides to let them do so). Yes, comments adding is really easy and fast with xGalleryx !

           What more should we say ? Just notice that xGalleryx is totally free and runs under the GNU general Public License (GPL), so there is no reason for you not to try it !

xGalleryx is maintained by xstephx since 2002.